Vescoil exports its system range consisting of ValvesFire HydrantsDampers, Pipe Couplings, Machine Mounts, Hangers, Open springs, Open Restrained Springs and related products, all over the world. Our products are also widely used for various applications in the shipbuilding and yachting industry.
With the help of our specialists, combined with more than 27 years of experience, we can advise you with regard to numbers and functions. We deliver all our Products in accordance with customer design and specification.


Our expertise combined with our extensive stock of technical products and systems make us your ideal partner for all your industrial requirements.
Thanks to our know-how, personal contact and fast delivery Vescoil is also the ideal partner for refits for all types of projects.
With our wide Product range, we are able to offer you solutions within a short time.




We also specialize in offshore projects in accordance with customer requirements and design.
We offer, among many other technical products, a variety of piping systems designed for installations on production platforms and on-land installations.
All our Products are selected for quality and are tested before they are delivered to our customers.


Since the first decade of the twenty-first century, more use is being made of hydropower and wind energy (green electricity). Vescoil has the expertise to serve also this market optimally.
Although Valves are a smaller part of a power plant, they play an important role in different types of liquids, such as steam, waste water, etc. The requirements are high and require customization.
For every type of power plant, like hydropower plants, cooling water and waste incineration plants, we supply Valves in accordance with customer specification for various applications that meet global standards.


All our products are tested before being approved for delivery, and are also provided with all documentation and necessary certificates.